Things you need to do Hom

Things you should know

Trash Mobs -- these are the trash mobs you need to worry about!!!

Boss walk through

Frost Tail

Comes with two other wargs, thankfully you can kill the wargs and Frost Tail one at a time. The key to this fight is focusing on one warg while removing the corruptions off both the wargs before they turn into the big heal buff. Also you need to stay on top of your own wounds. You should be able to kill both adds before Frost Tail joins the party. Another thing to do is stay close together if anyone in the group gets two far apart from the rest they become Frost Tail's chew toy.

Special tip – If you get into trouble just run away and reset the fight sometimes the first time you fight these guys can be tough.

Task Mistresses

I am not sure if she really qualifies as a boss but after you kill her you get access to the second chest. She is very easy just burn her down.


Fight Overview

Ergoth is at the very bottom of the instance you gain access to her by aligning all the mirrors so they reflect light into the middle just look at the map on this page. When you drop down to Fight her she lets you beat on her for a few minutes then summons adds and goes airborne so you can not hurt her.To pass hard mode you can only kill 3 of each type of add. So in the end there will be four adds left one of each type. Do not kill these last four. The best way to beat this is before you drop down mark 1 add each of a different kind to not be killed.

Phase guide

Drop down from the top the whole group will get a slow that can not be removed. Have the tank if it is a warden dps her until the adds come why the rest of the group saves their power. If you have a guard you may need to help a little bit, but you need to conserve power for the last phase of the fight. When the adds come have the tank gather all the aggro and walk in a circle why the other two group members go full dps to get the adds down. I always have my group kill three of the four ranged guys first remember you need to have one of each add left at the end of the fight. After a few seconds 20 probably the adds run away and Ergoth rejoins the fray. Usually when she first comes back she likes to punt so be careful not to get punted off the platform. Repeat this phase as many times as it takes till you get down to four adds remaining.

Phase 2

When four adds are left everyone should be hitting Ergoth with everything they have. She runs away just like in phase 1 only now you need to ignore the adds just walk in circles and get your power back. As soon as shes comes back burn her down.

Things you need to watch for

  • Fear she gives a fear that drains your power take it off asap
  • Wounds She gives you a giant wound that will kill any class except a tank quickly if you do not get it off of you. Be careful her little guys give – wound resist wounds too so if she gives you a wound with those stacked up it does even more damage.
  • Final postion of the mirrors