Quests to Gain Access To Superior Crafting Facilities

Superior Study

Quest: Lost Lore of the Free Peoples
Prerequisite: The Path to Learning, Part III (Scholar)
Start Zone: Rivendell
Start Area: The Last Homely House
Start Location: Elrond's Library
Start Mob: Deluros
Quest Level: 30

Deluros is concerned about several stacks of books lost when creatures in the Lone-lands spooked the horses pulling a waggon bound for Imladris. Deluros can be found in The Last Homely House in Rivendell (29.8S, 3.4W), on the second floor, in Elrond's Library.

Objective 1:
Talk to Harry Wheelright in Rivendell

Harry Wheelright is in the stables (29.3S, 6.7W)

Objective 2:
Collect Books on the Lore of Dwarfs (35.7S 26.3W) (On the other side of the island from the Elf Books)
Collect Books on the Lore of Elves (35.7S 26.4W)
Collect Books on the Lore of Hobbits (35.3S 27.2W)
Collect Books on the Lore of Men (34.4S 26.2W)

Hint: By starting at the eastern edge of the hills just northeast of Harloeg and just south of the road, you pick up the first book (Men) on top of the cliff. Then hop down into the stream that follows the base of the cliff to the next book in the middle of the stream on a little island. Then cut across east to the next waterway and over to a sizeable island. It is long and thin, and runs mostly N/S. The third book is on the western edge, and the fourth is across the island on the eastern edge as you look at the wrecked cart in the water.

Objective 3:
Return the four stacks of books to Deluros

Superior Oven

Quest: The Short Order Cook
Pre-requisite: A Taste of Skill, Part III (Cook)
Start Zone: Bree-land
Start Area: Buckland
Start Mob: Rollo Hamson
Quest Level: 30


Rollo Hamson has asked you to travel to five of the Shire's finest inns and cook food for some of his friends at each.
Rollo Hamson can be found at 31.8S, 62.7 W in Newbury, Buckland.

Objective 1:
Find Rollo Bunce, who is located in The Plough and Stars, Brockenborings (27.6S, 68.1W)
Obtain: 1 mushroom pie, 1 spiced apple pie, 3 stuffed cabbage

Objective 2:
Pansy Proudfoot who is in The Golden Perch, Stock (32.0S, 63.8W)
Obtain: 2 marinated chicken-cutlet, 3 spiced potatoes

Objective 3:
Find Alken Chubb who is in The Green Dragon, Hobbiton-Bywater (31.8S, 69.6W)
Obtain: 3 pork sausages, 2 vegetable medley

Objective 4:
Find Esmerelda Burrows who is in The Bird and the Baby, Michel Delving (33.4S, 75.4W)
Obtain: 2 salted beef delights, 2 shire rations

Objective 5:
Find Ruby Hollowbanks is in The Floating Log, Frogmorton (31.7S, 68.0W)
Obtain 3 complete hobbit-breakfasts, 2 blueberry-muffins

Objective 6:
Go to The Ivy Bush, Hobbiton: Nothing for this quest (31.4S, 71.1W)

Objective 7:
Return to Rollo Hamson in Buckland



Hint: If you are efficient, it will take 2 campfires to cook all the stuff that requires a campfire. Make the regular oven items first, as some are ingredients for campfire items. Start cooking and hope for no critical successes, as these will not count for the quests. Be prepared to buy extra materials if this happens.

Apprentice Tier:

Journeyman Tier: Artisan Tier:
Journeyman Tier: Expert Tier: Artisan Tier:

Superior Forge

Quest: Amber for Othrikar
Pre-requisite: Strength of the Smith, Part III (Weaponcrafter) OR The Will of the Iron, Part III (Metalsmith)
Start Zone: North Downs
Start Area: Othrikar
Start Mob: Ottar
Quest Level: 30

The dwarf Ottar has asked for your help recovering an overdue delivery of amber that he expected at Othrikar some days ago.
Ottar can be found in the center of Othrikar.

Objective 1:
Look for Ottar's smiths and any amber they may have found.
Ottar's smiths are in the hills north and west of Othrikar, at 5.4S, 46.9W.

Objective 2:
Pick up the amber by Jaki Stonehand and carry it back to Ottar in Othrikar.
Othrikar is to the south-east. On your way back, do not engage in battle, for the amber is fragile and may easily break (aka: you will fail in your quest).

Objective 3:
Deliver the amber to Ottar.
Ottar is at the center of Othrikar.

Superior Workbench

Quest: An Errand for Millicent Greenlake
Pre-requisite: The Heart of the Wood, Part III (Woodworker), OR The Call of Precious Things, Part III (Jeweller), OR The Thickest of Skins, Part III (Tailor)
Start Area: Northern Bree-fields
Start Location: Thornley's Work Site
Start Mob: Millicent Greenlake
Quest Level: 30

The many construction projects underway on the Bree-fields have occupied Millicent Greenlake's time, and there is a shortage of skilled workers available to complete them. Millicent has asked you to render your aid to her friend, supervisor of construction at Trestlebridge.

Objective 1:
Talk to Supervisor Beecher
Supervisor Beecher is north of Thornley's Work Site at the town of Trestlebridge in the North Downs, standing among the supports of the Trestlespan.

Objective 2:
Collect 4 short pieces of driftwood
Collect 4 stout pieces of driftwood
Supervisor Beecher has asked you to collect driftwood from the river beneath the Trestlespan. You need to collect the driftwood down along the river, underneath the bridge, at 17.0S, 53.3W. The path down to the river is behind the buildings on the east side of town. If you stand in front of Elsie Woodruff (17.3S, 53.8W), look right and you'll see a gap between two buildings. That is where the path begins.

Objective 3:
Bring pieces of driftwood to Supervisor Beecher

Objective 4:
Repair Trestlespan breaches (0/10)
The breaches are the open windows all along the bridge; click on them to repair.

Objective 5:
Talk to Supervisor Beecher

Objective 6:
Talk to Millicent Greenlake